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Fay Katsari


I am the CEO / Owner at Dare Film I have been working in the audiovisual industry around 30 years. Since 1995 I have been producing around 10 films, 50 documentaries and have won a lot of distinctions (best screenplay, audience award, best short film in direction and SFX). It was an honour to work next to Vangelis Papathanasiou in the opening ceremony in 1997 in Athens. I have visited 45 countries, have shot in many of them. In the last 14 years I have been servicing big foreign projects, like Jason Bourne 5, Justice League (Batman vs Superman) and big budget commercials from all over the world with clients like HERMES BMW HEINEKEN MSF.


Jason Bourne (Greek Unit)

Justice League (Greek unit)

Looking for Giannis

Lysippos Created


Key Grip

Still Water

Awards / distinctions

Drama Film festival (Best Direction, Best Production, Best SFX), Agon Festival (Best Screenplay), Forli Festival (Audience Award), Webby Award (Best Art Direction), Ciclope Award, CCB AWARD (Best Film Category), Grand Ermis Award for Best Production, Tribeca Film Festival (Best Actor shortlisted) Cannes Commercial shortlisted 3 times, VEVO AWARD for INDILA POP STAR (Best Video clip in France)





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Tel. +306944477266

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