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“My homeland’s flag is blue…” 2017

“Marathon of an unfinished spring-Grigoris Lambrakis” 2014

“The night Fernando Pessoa met Constantine Cavafy”


“Light on my shoulder” 2006

“I. Moralis” 2005

“Log Books – G. Seferis” 2001


“Mediterranean stories” 2000

Stelios Charalambopoulos


He was born in Athens in 1956. He studied economics and cinema in Greece and did postgraduate studies in economics in Paris. He was the publisher of the speech and art magazine "Grafi". Co-creator since 1988 of the film production company PERIPLOUS. His texts on cinema have been published in the magazines "Grafi", "Contemporary Cinema", "Letters and Arts", "The Tree". In the period 2009-2010 he organized the cycle of events "Poets on the screen" at the Poetry Workshop of the Takis Sinopoulos Foundation. Since 2010 he is a member of the Board of the Takis Sinopoulos Foundation. Member of the jury for the competition of Documentary Films for the Environment and the Integrated Development of Mountain Areas organized by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the National Technical University of Athens for the protection and development of the mountain environment and local European cultures. He has also published the poetry collection Change of the Century.

Awards / distinctions

“The flag of my country…”… ”Historical - anthropological - environmental documentary (114΄, Production: PERIPLOUS-ERT-EKK) Special Jury Prize of the Ierapetra International Documentary Festival 2018


"An Unfinished Spring Marathon-Grigoris Lambrakis" (120΄, Production: PERIPLOUS-EKK) Documentary Award of London Festival 2014 • Second Prize of Documentary Film of Chalkida Festival 2014 Award of P.E.K.K. Chalkida Festival 2014


"The night Fernando Pessoa met Konstantinos Cavafy" (90 ΄, Co-producers: PERIPLOUS - ERT - EKK - GRAAL SA - ARKTOS SA (Greece), Contracosta Producoes (Portugal), RIK (Cyprus). With the support of the Media Plus De-velopment Program International Distribution: Doc and Co - France - 1st State Quality Award (2008, Thessaloniki Festival) - Panhellenic Critics Association Award (2008, Thessaloniki Festival) - Award for Best Photography, Music, Sound at the Chalkida Documentary Festival - Best Documentary Award - ODYSSEUS AWARDS 2009, London Greek Film Festival


"With a little light on the shoulders - Michalis Ghanas" (67΄, Production: PERIPLOUS - ERT). * 2nd Prize of the Chalkida Documentary Festival * Best Photography Award – Chalkida Documentary Festival


"Giannis Moralis" (80΄, Co-producers: PERIPLOUS - CL PRO -DUCTIONS - ERT - EKK. With the support of the Media Plus Development - Slate Funding program) * International Critics Association Award (FIPRESCI) at the 8th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.




"Our eyes saw the holidays" (Mediterranean Stories) A feature-length ecological documentary about the Mediterranean world. (77 ', Ε.Κ.Κ., ERT, AMIP, TV 10 ANGERS, LUMIERE TELEVISION, with the support of EURIMAGES and MEDIA 2 BROADCASTING). * Audience Award, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival March 2000. * 2nd State Quality Award. * International Environmental Film Festival Award, Teramo 2000.

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