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She is a producer at ERT in the Co-production department, where she deals with the production and co-production of documentaries.


In addition, she is a radio producer on the First Program of ERT. She curates and presents since 2014 the shows "DOC on Air" and "Music in 24 Frames". 

She was born in Athens in 1973. She graduated from the American College of Agia Paraskevi and then from the Department of Trade and Advertising - Marketing of the Athens Technical University. She has been working at ERT since 1998. She has traveled to Asia, Africa and Latin America to see and learn more about the world and people. She has been  member of the Board of Directors of WIFT (Women in Film and Television _ Greece) of EDN (European Documentary Network) and is one of the first members of EEN (Hellenic Documentary Association).


She loves Music and Cinema!


Tel. +30 6975885692


FB: Depi Vrettou και Doc On Air

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