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Nikos Vassilopoulos

Cinematographer / Producer

Nikos Vassilopoulos lives in Athens. He graduated from Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos. He works as a cinematographer in film industry, fiction, documentary, TV series, commercials and music videos, as well as a lighting designer in theatrical performances. He has collaborated with ZDF, SAT1 and FUJI TV (JAP). Since 2018 he has participated in the project of Hellenic Ministry of Culture “Teaching cinema to prisoners of Korydallos” as a cinematography teacher.

Awards / distinctions

Best editing award for the documentary Rudbeats drumline at 6th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra (2019)


2021 Potato eaters, short film, 15'

CINEMATOGRAPHER/ PRODUCER Director: Stratis Panourios


2018 On Death Row, short film, 17'

CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Kostas Xidis


2018 Christinaki, short film, 11'

CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Christos Papathanassiou


2017 The Last Decision, documentary, 56' CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Antonis Tolakis


2015 Silence, documentary, 35'

CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Yorgos Panteleakis


2014 The forthcoming of Apache, feature film, 75' CINEMATOGRAPHER/ EDITOR Director: Yannis Soldatos


2014 Eleni, Liosion 5A, short film, 11' CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Yannis Soldatos


2013 Sapphire, documentary, 25'

CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Yorgos Panteleakis


2012 Arcadia, from legend to today, documentary, 89’ DIRECTOR/ CINEMATOGRAPHER/ EDITOR/ PRODUCER


2008 Nisyros, into the blue volcanoes, documentary, 59' CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Christos Vrakotas


1996 I' m looking for you, short film, 6' CINEMATOGRAPHER Director: Maria-Elena Gkioka

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