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Matthew Frantzeskakis


Director of the Chania FilmFestival (, and the Chania Film Festival in Education He was born in Chania where he grew up. He studied mathematics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has studied journalism, culture unit management, cinema and social economy management. Since 1995 he has taught in formal and informal education structures. He has worked in print, radio and television. Since 2002 he has been running the Cultural Society of Crete, the opinion and culture newspaper "Compass of the City" and the homonymous publications. Since 2000 he has been involved in cinema and especially in its educational dimension. He has participated in the production of important documentaries, educational films, books as well as in the organization of dozens of events.


"Early Withered Flowers"

"Astrikas 1945, the last battle"

"The Ancient Olive Tree"

"Marika, why be afraid?"

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