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Director - Producer

Marina Danezi was born in 1982 in Athens. She studied mathematics and theater. In 2008 she turned to directing. Her work revolves around social and cultural issues, focusing on minorities and subcultures, while much of her work explores the urban fabric and contemporary human geography.


She has directed four short and one feature-length documentaries for cinema which have participated in dozens of festivals, while in recent years most of her directing work has been devoted to the documentary series "The Shelters: Stories of Market Culture" (six cycles of episodes) and "Kleinon Asty: Stories of the city" (three cycles of episodes) shown by ERT. Also, she has directed several video clips, while she has undertaken the production of various short and feature length fiction films and documentaries.

Selective Filmography

"Time Pirate" (documentary, 20', 2008)

"The lentil" (documentary, 24', 2009)

"Earth Collectors Association" (documentary, 74', 2011)

"Sam Roma" (documentary, 40', 2014)

"Another child" (video clip for Pavlos Pavlidis, 4', 2019)

"Clean Cities" (co-director, documentary, 61', 2021)


tel: +30 6936651330

website:Laika Productions

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