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Maria Sidiropoulou

Filmmaker / Producer / Journalist

Maria Sidiropoulou (b. 1988) is a Greek documentary producer, director, and journalist. She has produced documentary series for ARTE and ‘Vice’ Greece, amongst others. She worked as an investigative reporter and producer on some of the country’s most renowned current affairs shows for the better part of a decade before deciding to work independently. Her cooperative documentary project “I only see in me the sea” was selected by Thessaloniki’s International Film Festival and Drama’s International Short Film Festival in 2019. She’s a fellow of the Thomson Reuters Foundation and received a grant to participate in Columbia University's Journalism Video Program in 2017.


- Girlhood, 30', 2021 (co-directed)


- I only see in me the sea, 27', 2019 (co-directed)


- Steps to Independence, VICE, 43', 2019 (directed and produced)



Instagram: @maryseath

Tel. +30 6973096735

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