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Maria Leonida


Her documentary work has been screened in Film Festivals and TV channels around Europe with various subjects on art and society. IDFA New Talents in 1996 and Best Short Film Documentary in Greece in 1998. Directed docs for the Greek Film Centre, ERT SA, ZDF, E.B.U., Archaeological Eforates and NGOs. Maria trained in filmmaking in London and Denmark. She holds a BA in History and an MA in Art History. Director and co-founder of Karpos, Centre for Education and Intercultural Communication ( Member of the European Film Literacy Advisory Group. She conducted the Curriculum for teaching Documentary at the Arts High Schools in Greece, on behalf of the Ministry of Education.


¬ The bet, 90’, M. Leonida, 2021, Trailer, Official Selection Thesaloniki Film Festival

¬ Portrait Day, 12’ Silence Hate-Karpos, 2019

¬ Fragile, 12, M. Leonida, 2016

¬ Together, 6’, M. Leonida, 2014

¬ My lighthouse, 15’, ERT- EBU 2012, for the Challenges doc youth series.

¬ Nothing goes wasted, 45’, ERT-DOC3 series. 2011

¬ I’ll do my best, 15’, ERT- EBU 2010, for the Challenges doc youth series.

¬ My first time, 52’, Greek Film Centre-ERT SA, 2008, International Documentary Festival Thessaloniki. Docfest Chalkida, Special mention

¬ My Olympics, 15’, EBU-ERTSA, 2008 for the Challenges doc youth series.

¬ Scarecrows, 52’, Cinetic-ERT SA, 2006


¬ Olympia-Peace, Video projections for theatre, Cultural Olympiad 2004

¬ Adriana in Athens, 30 min. “Girls Around the World” series, ZDF-3SAT, 2004

¬ Refugees, an endless journey, ERT SA 2003

¬ Some kids know, 6’, M. Leonida, 2002, second prize Media Desk Competition

¬ Family Patterns, Interactive documentary, SAGAS workshop, ART NOW exhibition 2002

¬ Alice and the Tellogleion Foundation in wonderland, ERT SA, 2000

¬ Tough Pose 30’ Greek Film Centre-M.Leonida, 1998 (IntShFilmFest Drama : Best Documentary Award, G.U.F.T.T Documentary Prize, Second Best State Quality Award, Festivals: Minsk, Mumbai, Molodist, Munich,)


¬ One Man Show , 10’, M. Leonida, 1996, (Festivals: New Talents IDFA, Munich, Uppsala, IntShFilm FestDrama: Prize for Best Woman Director)

Awards / distinctions

The bet, 90’, M. Leonida, 2021,

Best picture award at Aegean Docs 2022


My first time, Documentary, 52 ', EKK- ERT -Portolanos Films, 2008, Honorary Distinction at the Chalkida Trailer Festival


Hard pose 42 ', Documentary, EKK, ET-1, M. Leonida 1998 First Prize Documentary, Drama Short Film Festival, ETEKT Award, Second State Award for Short Film Quality, 1998.


One Man Show 12 ', documentary, M. Leonida, 1996 Award for Best Female Director at the 1996 Drama Festival. New Talents Amsterdam International Film Festival

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