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Maria Giannouli


After completing her studies in philosophy and film-tv directing, Maria Giannouli began her career in 1999 as an AD in movies and tv series. Since 2010, she’s been working as a television and theatre director. She is an alumini of the 1st Berlinale Talent Campus (2003) and a published author.


'' Samios '' (HD, 2014)


'' Survivors '' (Digi Beta, 2011)


'' Athinas 12.00 '' (35mm, 2002)


"Konstantinos Daskalakis" (HD, 2019)


"Agora 11:00 am" (Beta, 2008)


«No woman, no cry? »(16mm, 1996)


"Illusions" (16mm, 1995)


"Philip Roth Notebooks" (dcp, 2019)


"Charlotte Rampling-Notebooks" (dcp, 2018)

Awards / distinctions

Maria’s first medium-length documentary film ‘’Survivors’’ (Digi Beta,2011) , had its world premiere at the 14th Thessaloniki Doc Fest and won: -Best Creative Documentary in London Greek Film Festival 2012 -2nd Best In Disability Film Festival, Moscow 2012 -Best doc ‘We can do’, International Film Festival ‘’Bridges’’, CIFF 2014 and was an official selection in festivals around the world.


Maria’s first short doc «Αthinas 12:00» (35 mm, 2002) won: -Greek Ministry of Culture’ prize at the Thessaloniki Film Festival 2003 and was an official selection at the 53th Berlinale’s Talent Campus 2003 and in film festivals around Greece.


Her short doc «Samios» (HD, 2014) Best Creative Documentary at the 9th Chalkida DocFest and was an official selection at the London Greek Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival and others fests.


Her documentary ''Charlotte Rampling'' won 'Best Short Documentary'' at the International Film Festival ''Bridges''2018 , was an official selection at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival and others.


«No woman, no cry? » (16mm, 1996)3rd Best short film- Larisa International Film Festival 1997, Best Actor- AKMI Film Festival, 1997


"Illusions" (16mm, 1995) 3rd Best short film Stavrakos Film School Festival, 1995

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