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Maria Gentekou


Since 1999 our company - Portolanos Films - has been producing documentaries. We focus on social, political and artistic issues and are known for the quality and high production value of our films.


Elias Petropoulos – An Underground World (doc., 61min, 2005)

Small steps in a big World (doc., 63min, 2006)

Mimis Kontos –From Moonrise to the setting of the Moon (doc., 22min, 2007) My first time (doc., 52min, 2008)

Filo & Marina (doc., 73min, 2009)

National Garden (doc.,72min, 2009) MIEKO (doc., 12min, 2009)

Spyros Papaloukas –The adventure of painting (doc., 51min, 2010)

Only the words continue (doc., 54min, 2011)

Time for Heroes (doc., 69min , 2014)

Psy (doc., 67min, 2015)

Zones and Passages (doc., 109min, 2018) When the South Wind Blows (doc., 80min, 2019)

The Trace of Time (doc., 97min, 2020) Dionysus , the Return (doc., 95min, 2020)


Tel. 210-4535037 / 6944461033


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