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Costas Stratoudakis


Costas Stratoudakis has studied Film Direction, Music, and Computer Programming. His postgraduate studies (M.Sc.-Ionian University) relate to the interactive and audiovisual performances. He worked as a film director (documentaries and art programs for the Greek TV) and as a music composer (music for film, electroacoustic music, mixed pieces etc.) He is among the first artists in Greece to present interactive and multimedia performances (Center of contemporary art Ileana Tounda, National gallery of Athens etc). He was awarded international prizes for his work. He is a doctoral candidate at the Music Department of the Ionian University.He taught music for film, audiovisual art and technology (Stavrakos film school, Ionian university, Moraiti school etc.).

A. As a Director


He directed a number of audio-visual products, special series related to technology, documentaries, video-art and multimedia productions (on DVD, interactive performances), for state channels and private producers. (eg "Inside the Sound, Greek Electronic Music" (Documentary, film 16mm, 60 Min) (1989 -1990) (produced by ET2), "Computer, the tools of 2000" (ET1) (13 episodes) (1991), "Computer show" (ET1) (13 episodes) (1991), "Computer + “Lotto” = 13" (ET1) (26 episodes) (1991),NET-cultural) "Computer Show 2003" Interactive entertainment TV show on CD and DVD, 2003) ,"Soundscape 2007 (The Acoustic Ecology)" (2007-Documentary) and others.


B. As a Composer


He composed works of electro-acoustic music, for small ensembles, for theater, television and cinema as well as multimedia works. His works have been performed in Greece and abroad and have won awards and distinctions (Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (France), KSYME Composition Competition, Drama Film Festival - (best music for film, for the film "Prive" by Elias Dimitriou) etc. He has performed a series of concerts, many times with the use of original audio-visual technologies (Epacron-Marseille, NOIMO+e Small Musical Theater-Athens, NOIMO + e2 Fournos Theater-Athens, Costas Stratoudakis Quartet - Mylos of Thessaloniki etc.

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