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Evaggelia Goula


Evaggelia Goula was born in Thessaloniki in 1984 and she is a visual artist. A graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts "ASFA"(2011), she has been working since 2013, as an art teacher, in primaries schools in Crete. Recently, she completed Postgraduate Studies in ASFA “Master in Digital Art forms”, specializing in Ethnographic Cinema. In 2017 she made her first full-length documentary entitled: i itsai Romni (The child Woman). Now she is in the progress of developing her second feature-length documentary entitled: OTI VAKERESA MANGE.


i itsai Romni - the girl Woman "The child gives birth to a child". An ethnographic documentary that was shot in Heraklion, Crete, in the Roma camp, and focuses on the position of women, as they perceive it and how it is shaped socially through marriage, with an indirect comment on the position of women in general. trailer: https: // film: (password: itsai_13) Facebook pade: I itsai Romni "the girl Woman"


OTI VAKERESA MANGE - What you say about me (doc in progress) Facebook pade: What you say about me - The Documentary "Oti Vakeresa Mange"

Awards / distinctions

i itsai Romni - the girl Woman

- Peloponnese International Documentary Festival 2018 (FIRST EQUALITY PRIZE FOR THE BEST GREEK DOCUMENTARY)

- Chalkida Documentary Festival - Docfest 2018 (HONORARY)


Tel. 6970886937


FB: evaggelia goula

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