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(doc series of 6x30 minutes children’s portraits) Cinema and Reality Greek Festival Award 1990


“A DROP IN THE OCEAN” (fiction)
Mionneto Film Award / Forum / Berlin Festival 1996,
Best Actress Award (Amalia Moutoussi) at the 1996 Istanbul and Valladolid Festivals


"EASTER IS IN THE AIR" (documentary) 1999


“THE HOLLY MYRRH” (documentary) 2002


“THE WOMAN WHO MISSED HOME” (fiction) Special Mention at Rhodes Eco Film Festival, 2005 Greek State Prize for Music (Nicos Papazoglou) 2005


“ANGEL AND THE WEIGHT-LIFTER” (fiction) Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston 2009


"KOSTIS PAPAGIORGIS, the sweetest misanthrope" (documentary)

Panhellenic Union of Cinema Critics Award / 20th Thessaloniki Doc. Festival 2018, 1st Prize for Greek Doc /Aegean Docs Festival, 2018
Special Mention / Docfest Festival of Chalkida 2018

Eleni Alexandrakis


Awards / distinctions

The Children of Greece Documentary Series (6 x 30 ') Cinema and Reality Award, 1990


Drop in the Ocean (fiction) Mionneto Film Award / Forum / Berlin Film Festival, 1996 1st Female Award at Amalia Moutoussi at the Istanbul and Valladolid Festivals


Nostalgia (fiction) State Music Award 2006 to Nikos Papazoglou Honorary Distinction at the Eco Film Festival of Rhodes


Arsivaristas and Angelos Gold Remi Award / WorldFest Houston 2009


Kostis Papagiorgis, the sweetest misanthrope Award of the Panhellenic Union of Critics / 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 2018

First prize at the 6th Aegean Docs Festival 2018, Honorary Distinction at the 12th Docfest Festival of Chalkida 2018).

She was born in 1957 in Athens. She studied Cinema at the Sorbonne, Paris I, (License 1980) and at the National Film and TV School in England (Graduated in 1985). She created her production company in 1986 which subsequently took on the distinctive title of POMEGRANATE FILMS. She writes, directs, and produces fiction and documentary films as she believes there is no difference between the two. Her films have won awards in Greece and abroad.


Tel. +306937311713


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