February 27.

First meeting at Exile Room.​

"Declaration of Principles"      to make creative documentaries by creative actors aimed at creative viewers.

May 20, 2013.

The Statute of EEN is organized and signed.

The Non-Profit Association is founded with the name "UNION OF GREEK DOCUMENTARY" and the distinctive title "HELLAS DOC"

June 11, 2013 ERT closes!

EEN together with ESPEK are fighting to get paid producers, directors and employees in the audiovisual field.

Letters, out-of-court protests, meetings with liquidators.

On July 13, the draft law for NERIT SA was passed




February 25, 2014.

A Press Conference is organized for the financial impasse of Greek creators that was created after the closure of ERT .


March 2014.

EEN meeting in the context of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

We also inform the colleagues of Northern Greece


November 15, 2014.

Organizing a Conference at the Film Library entitled: "Possibilities for financing and distribution of documentaries" in collaboration with the Greek Office of the Creative Europe Media Program .




In collaboration with the Exile Room we organize a series of screenings of contemporary Greek documentaries.


April 22-24.



1st Tribute to the Greek Documentary in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.

A documentary workshop entitled "From Idea to Screen" is also organized.

Teaching Maria Leonida, Markos Gastin, Katerina Patroni, Anneta Papathanassiou





21-24 April 2016.


2nd Tribute to the Greek Documentary at the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.

A small tribute to the Syrian Documentary with invited Syrian documentary filmmakers.

Within the framework of the Tribute, a documentary workshop is held entitled: "EXODUS" in co-organization with Creative Europe Media Desk Greece . Invited are the Syrian director Talal Derki and also the Syrian director and journalist Amer Matar. Linked:

Greek speakers: Chronis Theocharis, Dionysia Kopana, Giannis Misouridis, Anneta Papathanassiou, Katerina Patroni. Angelos Kovotsos.

Laboratory Design: Marcos Gastin.

5 short films were created

The production of the short films was supported by the Hellenic Cinema Center

Production execution Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis (T-shOrt)

The movies:

Open Borders , directed by Manos Kantanoleon

Ali & Soraya , directed by Anna Antonopoulou

Return , directed by George Detsis

The Words of Niaz , directed by Fani Bitou

Temporarily , directed by Maria Papageorgiou





4-7 May 2017



3rd tribute to the Greek Documentary at the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens with Hungary as the honored country.

Masterclass with Hungarian guests Gabor Ferenczy and Gül Togay, director and producer of the film OVERDOSE respectively: "WALLS or BRIDGES - To close ourselves or open to the world" central dilemma of modern societies.

The masterclass served as an introduction to a creative documentary workshop.

A Conference is organized: DOCUMENTARY & TV

"The new television reality and the production of creative documentaries in it"

Keynote speakers: Paul Pauwels - Chairman of EDN and Angel Kovotsos -skinothetis and former president of EEN, representatives from the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information, the National Council for Radio and Television, ERT, the Greek Film Center, the Canal House, the COSMOTE TV , and NOVA .







International Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki

As part of the Agora program, we organized a masterclass with Madeleine Avramoussis, Commissioner Editor of ARTE , on international co-productions.

March 29 - April 1



4th Tribute to the Greek Documentary in Technopolis

Masterclass with the Danish award-winning model Niels Pagh Andersen.



June 25 - 28

One of the founding and basic goals of our Union is the extroversion and the promotion of Greek documentaries in international festivals and international markets.

We decide to join the SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC in La Rochelle - one of the most important documentary markets in Europe, a meeting place for many TV channels, distributors and sales agents from around the world.  Link:             With the support of the Thessaloniki Festival and the EKK , we represented 29 Greek documentaries. Anneta Papathanassiou and Ilia Papaspyrou presented the Greek documentaries in a specially designed stand of EEN.






Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - organized a round table on "The Future of Documentary in our region" with guest sister organizations in the Balkans and France to create interstate relations and cooperation in order to facilitate co-productions and promote the Greek documentaries internationally through festivals and markets.


The panel included: Ana Ortasevic / Doc Serbia, Katarzyna Wilk / Polish Docs, Neda Milanova / Balkan Doc Center of Bulgaria, Patrizia Mancini / Sunny Side, Rea Apostolidis / EEN.

April 18-21


WITH EYES OPEN , 5th Tribute to Greek Documentary at the Film Archive.

18 short and full-length docs         are screened with the presence and participation of the actors.

As part of the tribute, a Master Class is held by the director of the film "Sugar Town- for a handful of votes", Kimonas Tsakiri for the experience of shooting the film and for the relationship of citizens with politicians.



April 20


Information Day: "EKOME and its role in the development of Greek documentary."


Screening of Talal Dekri's film "Of Fathers and Sons" Oscar nominated for Best Documentary 2019 and a round table on: RECORDING THE TRUE FACE OF WAR.

PARTICIPATED: George Moutafis photojournalist, Tassos Teloglou, journalist.

Coordinator is Nikos Megrelis.


We suggest to the ECC specific proposals for the revision of the current financing regulation for documentaries. The primary issue is the inclusion of the documentary in the Script Development and Production Plan Development Program, as in other programs, equivalent to fiction.



June 24- 27


Second year participating in SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC .

EEN represents 38 Greek documentaries. Fotini Economopoulou and Anneta Papathanassiou collaborate and present the documentaries at the stand. The success is great and several documentaries accepted an offer to sign a contract, while the Franco-German channel ARTE secures a work in progress contract for the documentary film by George Arvanitis "Askavlos"


Members of the Board of EEN hold a meeting with the Secretary General of Contemporary Culture of the Ministry of Culture Nikolas Giatromanolakis on issues that concern Greek cinema and in particular the documentary. (Increase in funding for documentaries by EKK and the 1.5% ERT Program , change in the EKK Financial Regulation, etc.)





22 - 25 June 2020.


For the third year in the SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC .

Conducted online due to pandemic (covid19).

We represent 22 Greek documentaries.

Maroula Gentekou presents them at the EEN website,

Fotini Economopoulou and Anneta Papathanassiou




December 17 - 21.



6th Tribute to Greek Documentary.

The Tribute due to the pandemic is conducted online.

14 Greek documentaries of recent and older production are shown.

In this context, the 4th Documentary Workshop on "Athens: A city is being transformed" is being held.

with presentations and the production of five five-minute documentaries.

The movies :

"Rooms with a view" Nikoletta Paraschi and Nikos Papadimitriou

"The walls that speak" Vasiliki Mylona

"In Unity" Olga Bakopoulou

"What the rain washed away" Ioanna Tsilili

"Dreams on wheels" Maria Leni


Workshop design and coordination: Angelos Kovotsos

Speakers: Chronis Theocharis, Angelos Kovotsos, Dionysia Kopana, Antonis Tolakis, Giannis Skopeteas.


Members of the Board of EEN hold meetings with the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis and the Director of the Office of Konstantinos Hambidis, in order to inform about the actions of EEN , and the financial problems faced by the documentary in Greece.


The main request is the amendment of law 4487/2017 in order to provide a new starting point for the documentary film projects (60,000 €), which intend to be included in the EKOME cash return program.





A documentary seminar is organized with the aim of training teachers and the topic:

"Documentary - education - creation"

5 short films are produced within the laboratory.

The seminar was addressed to teachers of all levels and students of Pedagogical Schools.

Workshop design and coordination: Angelos Kovotsos / Dionysia Kopana / Xenophon Angelopoulos

Speakers: Daphne Kalafati, Dimitra Kouzi, Antonis Tolakis, Giannis Skopeteas, Nikos Stampoulopoulos


The movies:

"On the hill" Georgia Rizou

"Dress Code" by Susan Chrysovitsinou

"4th Lyceum" Emilia Vakoufari

"Indecent of a rule" Lazaros Astmis

"It's not about bikes" Vassilis Lolis


- EEN becomes a member of DAE (Documentary Association of Europe)



June 21-24


For the fourth year participation in the SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC .

It is being conducted once again online.

21 Greek documentaries are presented in selected meetings with buyers from all over the world

by Maroula Gentekou and Dimitra Kouzi.



June 24 - July 4

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Presentation of EEN and DAE at an event within the Festival.

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