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Dionysia Kopana

Director - Filmmaker

Dionysia Kopana was born in the craggy mountains of old Arcadia, Greece. She has studied Film, Psychology and History of Art, and she has worked in Television, Advertising, Film productions, as well as a Photographer and Columnist. She has also directed Theatrical plays. She explores hybrid forms of narrative and she loves Essay Documentary. Since 2007, she has been teaching Film Directing and Creative Documentary. She collaborates on a continuous basis with The Creative Group for the Development of Young People's Audiovisual Communication and Expression “Youth Plan” (Neaniko Plano) and she has given Presentations at Conferences on Audiovisual / Cinema Education of Young People. Her Films have participated and won many Awards in Film Festivals. Dionysia Kopana is a founding member of the Greek Documentary Association.

Selective Filmography


2021-2022  Strange Country Documentary (in development)


2021  Still A Child | Audiovisual Artwork  


2020  The Trace of Time Documentary 97 '

        22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2020) Official Participation

        • 11ο Rassegna del Documentario e della Communicazione Archeologica (Catania, 2021) | "Quality" Award of the International Jury

        • 15th Greek Halkida Documentary Festival - DocFest (2021) | Second Prize for Feature Documentary Film

        • Chania Film Festival (2021) | Official Participation

        GrecDoc (Paris, 2021) | Official Participation

        • 9th  Arkhaios Cultural Heritage and Archeology Film Festival (USA, 2021) Official Participation

        • The Archeology Channel (TAC) International Film Festival (2022)


2020  Shots From Outside Documentary 17 '

        22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2020) Official Participation


2011  From Flax Documentary 52 '

       5th Hellenic Documentary Festival of Chalkida - DocFest (2011) | "George Kolozis" Award

       AGON: 9th International Archaeological Film Meeting (2012) Official Participation


2010  I Change Myself Before I Change The World Documentary 30 '


2010  One School Does A Summer | Make Documentary 5 '


2008  Bloody Soap | Fiction 5 '

        • 48 Hour Film Project Festival (Athens, 2008) Best Film Award


2006  Kifissos, a God's Awakening Documentary 37 '

        • 8th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival (2006)  Official Participation

        • 8th  International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Creators (Patra, 2006)

        • Cyprus International Film Festival (2006)

Official Participation

        • 1st Greek Documentary Festival of Chalkida - DocFest (2006)

         Second Prize for Best Short Documentary Film

        • Ecofilms International Film and Visual Art Festival (Rhodes, 2007) 

Special reference

        • PLATFORM (VIDEO 6): Independent Film Festival (2006) 

Official Participation

        AGON: 7th International Archaeological Film Festival (2008) Special View

        7th International Ecocinema Film Festival (Piraeus, 2008) Special View


2005  An Insignificant Death Fiction 5 '


1996   See No Be | Fiction 14 '


1996   Amvrakikos Gulf Documentary 62 '



Tel.: +30 693 7063 737


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