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Dimitrios Kafidas

Screenwriter - Director - Producer

Dimitris Kafidas has studied economics at the Economic University of Athens, and also journalism and sociology with emphasis on politics and geography. His documentary “Spiros and the Circle of Death” (56’, 2020) won the 1st award of Best Greek Documentary at Beyond Borders Festival (Castellorizo 2020) His short film “Micromisunderstandings” won the AdLib award at Micropolis Festival (of the Greek Ministry of Culture) in 2006. He has written the feature screenplay “Who Laughs First Laughs Best” and he is writing his 2nd feature film screen play “The Last Days of May”. He speaks Greek, English and Dutch.


Micromisunderstandings (6', 2006)


Spiros and the Circle of Death (56', 2020)


Hotel Centaur (pre-production, 2022)

Awards / distinctions

Spyros and the Round of Death:


1st Prize for Best Greek Documentary (Beyond Borders Festival, Kastelorizo, 2020)

3rd Prize for Best Greek Documentary (Ierapetra International Documentary Festival, 2021)


Minor misunderstandings:


AdLib Award (Micropolis Festival, Ministry of Culture, 2006)



Tel. 6937 189700

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