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Operetta, your inner world 2010


Rita 2018


ATHENS (As The Human Endless Nothingness Survives) 2022

George Danopoulos

Director - Photographer

Studied sound theory and film history. From 2001 through 2013 he worked at the Greek National Opera as sound engineer and video creator. In 2010, on his own initiative, he made his first directorial attempt filming the documentary "Operetta, your inner world", in order to support the operetta performances of the Greek National Opera. He did so because the secondary stage of operetta performances at the Acropole Theatre was about to close. Since then he has worked in film and television productions as a photographer and videographer. He has created video clips and theatrical trailers and has participated in the training programs of the Caravan Project. In 2018, he completed the short documentary "Rita". It is a film that thoroughly studies a prostitute character in a brothel located in Athens that has already participated in 30 festivals both in Greece and abroad. “Rita” has received awards in 7 of them. He is currently in the process of editing an observation documentary, titled “A.T.H.E.N.S.”, which has been shot during the past four years.

Awards / distinctions



iPAS Jury Committee Award 2019

Doc Fest Chalkida Best Short 2019

Unfiltered Cinema Minsk Best Documentary

IDFF Ierapetra Greece 3rd Place 2019

Cinema Perpetuum Belarus Best Doc 2019 Tisff Thessaloniki Cinematic Achievement Award 2018

Local FF Thessaloniki 2019 Honorary Distinction



Tel. +306945244250


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