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Yorgos Avgeropoulos

Documentary Creator / Director Producer / Journalist

Selective Filmography:


Being Present

Chained (AGORA II)

Up to the Last Drop

AGORA - From Democracy to the Market The Lost Signal of Democracy

Gaza we are Coming (in co-direction with Yiannis Karipidis)

Life Copyright

People & Numbers

El Sistema - Saving Lives

Life for Sale

Showdown at the Top of the World Cassandra's Treasure

Charity Diplomacy & Business

Stealing from the Poor

Dying in Abundance

The Blood of Kouan Kouan

Children of a Rape

The Argentina Experiment

Delta - Oil's Dirty Business

Yorgos Avgeropoulos is a Greek documentary filmmaker and journalist. He was born in Athens in 1971. He studied journalism and worked as a war correspondent in Sarajevo, Croatia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2000 he created Exandas Documentary Series that was broadcast on Greek television for 13 consecutive years. Documentaries of the series have also been broadcast by dozens of international TV networks and have been screened at film festivals in various countries. In total Avgeropoulos has created more than 100 socio-political documentaries shot in about 50 countries, and has been honored with many international awards and distinctions at film festivals around the world.

Selective list of Awards / Distinctions:


Best Documentary Orpheus Award, Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, USA 2021 ROCKIE AWARD Banff World Media Festival, Canada 2016 GOLD HUGO AWARD, Chicago International Film Festival TV Awards, USA 2016 OTTO BRENNER SPECIAL AWARD, Berlin, Germany 2015 Best Documentary Orpheus Award, Los Angeles Angeles Greek Film Festival, USA 2015 PRIX DU REPORTAGE MEDITARRANÉEN, PriMed, Marseille, France 2014 CROCEVIA AWARD 10th Festival delle Terre Rome, Italy 2013 Best International Documentary, 13th Cinemambiente Film Festival, Turin, Italy 2010 BEST GREEK FILM WITH DURATION OVER 45 MINUT 12th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece 2010 FIRST PRIZE (Deny Location section) 7th Ischia Film Festival, Italy 2009 Special Mention, 8th Human Rights International Film Festival (FIFDH) Paris, France 2010 YOUNG EUROPEANS JURY PRIZE International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA) Biarritz , France 2009 BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD, X FICA - International Film and Video Festival Ambiental Brazil 2008 GRAN P REMIO PER IL MEGLIOR FILM, EcoVision Film Festival Palermo, Italy 2007 FIPA D'ARGENT (Category: Grand Reportage & Current Affairs) International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA), Biarritz, France 2007

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