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Antonis Kyritsanis

Director, Editor, Screenwriter

Born in Thessaloniki in 1970. I studied editing (FCPro X Specialist), photography with Katerina Maragoudaki and directing at Horme Pictures with Vassilis Mazomenos. My first short film, "I Saw a Man Falling", participated in the Thess International Short Film Festival and the Athens International Digital Film Festival, and in 2019 I presented the experimental short film "Cet Amour" at the Athens Animfest. My First feature film: Dr. Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulou, “Mother of Neonatology”.


I Saw A Man Falling (2017),


Cet Amour (2019),


When the Child Was a Child (Als das Kind Kind war) (2020),

Dr. Maria Delivoria - Papadopoulou, THE "MOTHER" OF NEONATOLOGY (2021),


Tel. 6939873714


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