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Angelos Tsaousis

Producer/Director Documentary Filmmaker


1. Far.Go.Bots, Producer, Director, Filmmaker 2022 (in post production), Filmografik Productions, feature length documentary //


2. UNHCR_Greece, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, 2020, short documentary videos, / /


3. The New Plastic Road, Producer, Director, 2020, Filmografik Productions, feature documentary //


4. Container, Producer - Drone Filmmaker, 2020, New York Op Docs, short documentary //


5. ORESTIS KOURAKIS The Photographer, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, 2020, Filmografik Productions, corporate documentary //


6. Ktima Vivlia Chora, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, 2019, corporate video for social media, commissioned work for VIVLIA CHORA wine estate, Greece //


7. Ktima Gerovassiliou, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, 2019, short documentary and interactive application for the wine museum of Ktima Gerovassiliou wine estate, &


8. ESTHE, Producer / Director, 2019, Filmografik Productions, corporate //


9. KALESTESIA, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, 2019, Filmografik Productions, corporate //


10. Volunteer Divers Take On Underwater Pollution, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, 2019, BRUT MEDIA, social media doc //


11. Norwegian Refugee Council, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, 2018, Filmografik Productions, short documentary NGO //


12. Monks of Mt. Athos, Filmmaker, 2018, Great Big Story, CNN, short documentary //


13. BLUE GROWTH, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, 2016, corporate documentary video for entrepreneurship company BLUE GROWTH,


14. Semitron, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Editor, corporate video for the technological and electronics company SEMITRON ,

Being a creative impact producer, filmmaker and storyteller I have always believed that social impact through the use of storytelling is an effective tool that under the current situation has become urgent and integral part of every visual thinker and storyteller. Throughout my fourteen years involvement in the multimedia and documentary film industry, I have created various projects, which I have managed to effectively and sustainably communicate them to a diverse audience. With a postgraduate degree on Communication Studies and as a fellow of Fulbright, San Francisco Film Society, EURODOC and START, I am constantly exploring the potential of using documentary form as a social impact and educational tool. The use of technological tools is integral for completing a project in my professional field, and therefore I am constantly training and informed of new platforms and equipment.


While filming and organizing my first feature length documentary «The New Plastic Road» in the challenging and destitute communities of Pamirs (Tajikistan), I developed substantially my ability to communicate productively with the three members crew and creatively shoot and collect the appropriate footage. A demanding storytelling project that gave me the opportunity for mastering my skills on pitching ideas, as I have participated on international pitching forums like EBU Amsterdam & MIPDOC Cannes, and successfully distributing the content to an international level by collaborating with Syndicado FS Canada and delivering to ZDF/Arte. A significant example of my ability to create engaging and empowering content with great storytelling impact is my current project «FarGoBots». A cross media documentary project that has given me the opportunity to invest on my continuous learning as I have been awarded the Fulbright Artist Scholarship and guided by the San Francisco Film Society in order to strategically accomplish the realization of the project. Throughout the six years filming process, I have gained an extensive technological awareness on utilizing new digital tools for engaging the audience and using professional film equipment for crafting and promoting the story to an international media spectrum. My latest collaboration with UNHCR Greece was a great opportunity to master my skills on producing, shooting and editing high-quality and fast-paced short format content for social media.

Awards / distinctions

- “The New Plastic Road”, International “Gold Panda” Nomination, Sichuan TV Festival, 2015.


- “The New Plastic Road”, Best International Documentary Nomination, Close: Up Edinburgh Docufest 2020.

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